by Maggie Stiefvater

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This is the story of Sean, and Puck, and the capaill uisce (a breed of vicious water horses), and Dove (Puck's normal horse), and the island of Thisby. Thisby is a place seemingly out of time, an important character in this book, with its history, traditions, and characters who know each other like only residents of a small community do. Sean and Puck are both planning to participate in the yearly Scorpio Races, a tourist draw for Thisby, a bloody race in which those who have caught and tried to tame capaill uisce compete. Sean has won for the past 4 years, but still does not have what he most desires--his freedom. Puck is the first woman to enter the Races, and is doing so on Dove out of respect for the fact that her  parents were killed by the water horses. She hopes to save her family's house and keep her brothers with her on the island by winning. Sean and Puck form a connection, but on an Atlantic island in cold November, the reality is that not everyone can get what they want. Memorable characters and setting, exciting action and the wonderful sense of place all made me love this book. The audio version includes a short interview with the author, which explains where she got some of her ideas about the water horses and how she did her research to make Thisby seem like such a real place.


I love this book. Maggie Stiefvater creates a world in Thisby that you feel you could just walk into, and I'd love to do just that! The audiobook is wonderful, with separate narrators for Sean and Puck. There's also a terrific playlist, available on iTunes, of songs the author listened to while writing, featuring fabulous Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian music. Last but definitely not least is her recipe for November Cakes. If you read this book, you will crave one. Fortunately, it's available in the pb edition and online:

Oh, yeah, I'm obsessed.

Yes, the world was so rich! And thanks for mentioning the great dual narration of the audiobook, I forgot to say how great both readers were!! I'll have to check out that recipe, thanks for the link!!

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