by Maggie Stiefvater

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Every November on the isolated island of Thisby is the same: the carnivorous water horses, or capaill uisce, emerge from the wintry waters off the coast and are captured by locals hoping to win the annual Scorpio Races. Seventeen-year-old Sean Kendrick has won the last four races, and this year is set to follow the same pattern...until Puck Connolly decides to enter the races, riding her very ordinary horse and refusing to bow to the centuries of tradition that have excluded women from the races. For the most part, the characters are compelling and well-rounded, with complex histories and motivations that have brought them all to this race. The island almost becomes a character on its own, harsh and unforgiving, yet still beautiful. With plenty of heart-pounding moments between the carnivorous capaill uisce and the humans who will either ride them or become their prey, as well as a hint of romance, this book satisfies on multiple levels.


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