by Carl Zimmer

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I came across this book by chance when pulling up a complete list of Mary Roach's titles for someone (she writes the introduction, and if you like science and haven't read her books, check her out!). Science Ink takes something simple--scientists and their tattoos, and packages it to be entertaining and even a bit educational. There are close ups of the tattoos themselves, along with short essays explaining who the scientist is, why they chose this symbol, and even a short explanation about the science behind it. No, you won't understand quantum physics from reading this book, but you will get an idea of the passion that these folks have for their work! Broken down into sections including mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, Darwin, DNA, natural history, and neuroscience, this is a fun book to browse or to just read through. The tats themselves range from elaborate (mass extinction, a swamp scene, fungi) to the simple (an ant, a neuron, Schrodinger's Cat, various equations and molecules). You may be inspired to get some ink expressing your own passion!

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This book is incredible. The pictures are clear and it is fun to just browse through. I know that I am obsessed with tattoos, so it's also awesome to see that other people are just as crazy as me!

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