by C. A. (Cheryl A.) Rainfield

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Kendra has been in therapy to deal with the memories that are coming back to her about the abuse she was subjected to as a child. While therapy, and art, and friends and teachers help, Kendra still feels the need to cut herself to relieve the pressure and make herself feel like she can get through another day. As her memories return, Kendra also becomes aware that she is being watched--is her abuser, whose face she can't remember, out to stop her from identifying him? And is Kendra ready to face who he really is? Adding Meghan, a new girl at school, to her support network helps, but much of Kendra's journey has to be faced alone. Part mystery, part survival story, part tentative love story, Scars will keep you enthralled until the end. The book also includes a list of resources for anyone who is dealing with issues of sexual abuse and self-harm.

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