by Richard Kadrey

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James Stark's life is hell, well ok, James Stark's life is IN Hell, that is until he wakes up in an LA alley on Christmas day, which is a sort of hell all of its own... Stark (aka Sandman Slim) sets out to mete out justice on the people who sent him to hell in the first place, his friends. Having played gladiator in Hell for 11 years has honed his skills and he's ready to get his knuckles cracking, but when his very first stop on his vengeance road trip lands him with a talking head he realizes he might need to rethink his game plan.

This is the funny, quirky, snarky gritty beginning to a great series, unique and brash Sandman Slim is definitely one to check out.

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Do yourself a favor and get Aloha from Hell and Devil said Bang, which are two more titles in this series. Make sure you set aside a serious block of reading time, because once you strap in to this ride, there's no stopping until you reach the finish line!R

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