by Jesmyn Ward

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Jesmyn Ward paints a beautiful picture of a bleak and challenging situation in this novel.  It takes place in the Mississippi Delta during the days leading up to and including Hurricane Katrina.  The characters in this novel are visceral and struggle with many difficult issues before the hurricane even strikes.  Despite their poverty and emotional suffering, they manage to find ways to make it through every day.

This book won the Alex Award, which means that it was written for adults but has teen appeal.  I would recommend this to mature teenagers and adults who can handle things like sex, pregnancy, dog fighting, death, strong language, and emotional abuse.   Those who enjoy Urban Fiction might also enjoy this novel.  There were times that I found myself discomforted by the material presented in this novel, but I am so happy I read it.  The language is gorgeous, and I now have a better understanding of a world that is very foreign to me.  I cared for these characters very much from even the first few pages.

It is a quick read, but as I said, the content can be difficult to read for some people.  Definitely worth the time!

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