by Conor Kostick

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Ghost lives on the streets with a gang of rebel airboarders. They all have status cards, but she doesn't. She doesn't even have memories of her childhood - who is she really? To survive she steals whatever she can. In the world that is Saga, status is determined at birth and only a few will ever advance. Lately, though, things have been changing. People appear and disappear without warning, the Guilds are getting dissatisfied with their immobility, and the Dark Queen is getting ready to change it all. You see, Saga is actually a virtual reality game where all the characters have now evolved into real people. The Dark Queen has tapped into another game, Epic, and the players have entered Saga, not realizing that it's real. What is the purpose? Who are these people? The Queen's dark purposes will change Saga forever. Can Ghost learn to harness her unique powers and persona in time to save her civilization? This is a compelling sequel to Epic.

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