by Doug Dorst

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I was really intrigued with this title for 2 reasons. One because of its concept of a book within a book with accompaning materials to further the plot along.  The book is about two students who theorize in the margins of a book about the author and his myserious identity.  And my second reason is with the question of how in world am I going to read this book?  These questions went through my head when the book arrived: Where do I start?  How many times do I need to read this book to really get what is going on?  What happens if I lose all of the pieces? 
Despite all of my worries, I did end up liking the book, but I feel I didn’t really get the whole story because of the way I read it.  I just went through it page by page, read the story then read the margins notes made the the two students.  I realized later that there was a better way to read it that the way I was readingit, but it would have required me to go through the book around 3 times and in the end, I just couldn’t justify that when my list of What to Read is huge.  Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who really likes to dig deep into stories and solve mysteries on their own.  And someone who has lots of time on their hands.

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