by Josh Farrar

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  I had read A Song for Bijou, another title by Josh Farrar and decided to pick this particular book up because I like how Farrar introduces elements of Caribbean diasporic culture into his works. This book deals with a sixth grader named Annabelle who has recently moved from Brooklyn, New York to Providence, Rhode Island with her musician parents. She misses her grandmother and life in the city  but most of all she misses being a rock and roll star as she was with her former band mates in Brooklyn. She decides to form her own band and frequently refers to some rules that her former band mate has given her. Along the way though she must confront some powerful school bullies and face some challenges at home as well. I like the fact that even though the conclusion was predictable Farrar doesn't make it a purely happy ending because at times things don't always work out for the best and it is good for young readers to see that. 

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