by Loren D Estleman

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What attracted me to this read was the disparate lives of two legends. I like rough and tumble Westerns full of lawlessness and bleak realities of frontier life. This book, however, is an easier, softer read about Judge Roy Bean and his adoration for actress Lillie Langtry. Judge Bean's life is the stuff of legends as was Lillie Langtry's legendary international popularity. History tells us Bean and Langtry never met but there is historical documentation Bean was writing Langtry. Bean even went so far as to rename his town and bar after Langtry. Estleman takes history and weaves Langtry into the dialouge with Bean creating "what ifs" for a pleasurable fiction read. My favorite thing about the book, however, is it motivated me to read more nonfiction about both characters. 


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