by Kathleen Cook Waldron


A cute story of an escaped bull to share with your kids during Stock Show time, or any time! Zack and his dad are on the way to the National Western Stock Show with Buck the Bull when they have to detour through downtown Denver. Buck gets loose, and into the lobby of the Brown Palace Hotel he goes, causing chaos among the customers and staff. Alice is there because her mother works at the gift shop, and she helps Zack get Buck calmed down, and in the process gets invited to see the Stock Show for the first time. The illustrations keep the story in motion.  An author's note at the end briefly explains the Stock Show, The Brown Palace (where the grand champion steer is exhibited during high tea every year), and an escaped bull story that inspired this one. A fun way to share local traditions and landmarks with your young ones, with some great vocabulary words, too!

Check it out:


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