by Graeme C Simsion

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Don is a geneticist who decides he needs a wife, hence initiating the Wife Project in his best scientific mode. Somewhere on the autism spectrum, Don finds that his clear and logical requirements somehow don’t mesh with Rosie who has a need for a geneticists help in determining her real father. While clearly a romantic plot, Don has a unique voice and his clear ignorance or avoidance of most social norms combines with some unusual talents to make for hilarious situations. The first person narrative might make the telling seem one-sided, but Rosie has never been relegated to any sideline and it’s not about to start here. Wonderful engaging characters abound and the author clearly has an affection for all of them, despite their foibles. P.S. Be sure to check out the list on page 245 of romantic movies that Don watches to learn about male-female relationship and create your own for contrast. Just what movies would you suggest?

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