by Graeme C Simsion

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This novel, written from the point of view of Don Tillman, a college professor with Asperger's Syndrome and a touch of OCD, is absolutely delightful. When Don decides to use a self-designed, scientific questionnaire to find a mate, he meets Rosie, who does not fit into any of his carefully crafted parameters. Don's narration is absolutely hilarious, as is the progress of his relationship with Rosie. His take on social norms, especially those involved in dating, is funny and concise. This quote is an example: "It seems hardly possible to analyse such a complex situation involving deceit and supposition of another person’s emotional response, and then prepare your own plausible lie, all while someone is waiting for you to reply to a question. Yet that is exactly what people expect you to be able to do.” Don't be put off by the rather silly looking cover, and read this book immediately. It will make you laugh and fill you with joy.

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