by Elizabeth Wein

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In this follow- up novel to Codename Verity, Rose Justice is a British transport pilot who is caught by the Luftwaffe and sent to Ravensbrück, a women’s concentration camp.  The novel alternates between memories of the camp and her recovery in Paris after her escape and her later participation in the Nuremburg Trials.  One of the skills that helps with Rose’s survival is her poetry which is interspersed throughout the novel.   There is a small side story tying Rose to Maddie, one of the characters from Codename Verity.  A good historical novel should whet your appetite to research the history the book was based on and as we move further from World War II and from history being taught in the schools, Rose under Fire belongs to that genre of books. Interesting and fast paced, this novel adds to one’s knowledge of a fading history. 

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