by Daniel O'Malley

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If you lost your memory--not only things you've learned, but also the baggage you carry--would you still be the same person? Daniel O'Malley explores this provocative question in a fun urban fantasy novel. Myfanwy Thomas is the agent of a secret government organization dedicated to protecting Britain from paranormal threats. Having lost all memory of who she is, she must piece together her life using clues her old self left behind. Previously shy and lacking in self-confidence, the new Myfanwy approaches the bizarre aspects of her job with a casual confidence that shocks her colleagues and amuses readers. The fun begins when a truly dangerous and disgusting group of villains emerges and has seemingly penetrated the ranks of Myfanwy's organization. Not sure who she can trust, Myfanwy must begin to explore her own incredible supernatural abilities. Equal parts Buffy, X-men and Doctor Who, this novel will keep you turning pages until the end.

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I loved this book, it was like X-men meets the Office. You didn't know where it was going but the characters were so fun and interesting. Worth a read if you want to escape into the crazy world where vampires hair change color when they're hungry, or triplets share thoughts. Totally cool read

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