by Aaron Starmer

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Fiona Loomis, enchanting and aloof, asks Alistair Cleary to write her biography.  She begins her strange tale by describing a portal in her basement, which leads to the perfect world of Aquavania. 

Alistair, unfortunately, is a perfectly normal boy--albeit with an abnormally keen eye and an unusually quick wit.  And in this case, as in most others, perfectly normal boys such as Alistair have a difficult time believing in magical worlds accessed through a basement water heater.

And so begins The Riverman.  Alistair dutifully writes Fiona's biographical details as her claims grow more outlandish and terrifying at each turn.  If Fiona is to be believed, a predator in Aquavania is stealing the souls of its inhabitants, and her soul may very well be next.  If Fiona is not to be believed, the alternate explanation is even more disturbing.

Highly recommended for voracious readers.

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