by Patrickia Cornwall

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State investigator Win “Geronimo” Garano has a feeling he’s being taken for a ride by the powerhouse DA, Monique Lamont. He’s been sent to Kentucky to study advanced forensics, until he is abruptly called back to Boston to take on a cold case. Lamont has every intention of riding this new initiative “At Risk: Any Crime, Any Time” all the way to public office and Geronimo is just the poster boy she needs. Things get complicated when Lamont becomes the victim of her own crime and Win is left to put the pieces together. 
I admit I grabbed this book on a whim when I needed a quick read. In that way, this book did deliver. It was a short, fast read. Even the sentences are short and truncated. But the brevity meant that suddenly the case solved without really taking the reader through the discovery process. With all the talk of cutting edge forensic science, I was disappointed when a simple DNA test solved the cold case, and the tangled web of lies that lead to Lamont’s attack is just laid out for the reader without much effort.

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