by Ben Tripp

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A satisfying sequel to Tripp's 2010 novel Rise Again, Below Zero continues to follow veteran and ex-sheriff Danny Adelman. It's 2 years after the dead have risen, decimating society and leaving small bands of survivors. Danny leads a traveling convoy of survivors, always on the lookout for supplies, other survivors, and a safe place to settle down while avoiding the undead and their fellow humans. They begin to hear rumors about a fortified town, and begin to head there, but the situation is more ominous than advertised, and Danny must make many hard choices in order to keep her people alive. Danny is a tough loner, and makes very few connections, even as she makes sacrifices to save the people she travels with. The sights, smells, and sounds of the dying world are vividly described (often to a very gruesome effect), and the zombie hierarchy is well though out (there are thinkers, hunters, and moaners, in reverse order of intelligence and ability). While I wished for the reappearance of a new character that showed up about halfway through the book, the ultimate resolution made sense as far as Danny's character and how she made her decisions. An action-packed, interesting zombie book with memorable characters. I'd recommend reading Rise Again first, but this one could be read as a standalone as well.

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