by Tim Seeley


Welcome to Wausau, Wisconsin, the world of Revival, billed as a "rural noir." This graphic format book is a contains mystery, the supernatural, an interesting spin on zombies, small town secrets, and interesting characters. The story opens on a day when 23 previously dead folks wake up and are seemingly ok again. But, of course, things aren't quite right, and as the town is quarantined by the CDC, overrun with reporters and religious fundamentalists trying to get in (and stir crazy residents trying to get out), more layers are revealed. 2 of the diverse ensemble cast are sisters--one a local cop, one who has been revived (though no one knew she was dead--murdered just a few days before Revival Day). The art is vivid and almost makes you feel the cold of the Wisconsin winter, and that cold finger of dread creeping down your spine. Lots going on in this introduction to the series. Sometimes things are a bit confusing, but  I will definitely follow to see what happens next.

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