by Elizabeth Stuckey-French

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The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady tells the story of a dysfunctional family and what happens when they meet a determined old lady.  The family has two children with Asperger's, a grandfather whose Alzheimer's is worsening, and the parents whose marriage is strained.  On top of that, the neighborhood old lady, Marylou Ahearn, who wants to exact her revenge for being a test subject in the 1950s, always comes over to their house.  Marylou is a retired school teacher who is still angry about the death of her daughter, which was caused by radioactive testing.  When she finds out that the doctor, Wilson Spriggs, who led the study is still alive, she moves to his neighborhood to decide how best to infiltrate his life and kill him.  With all the family's other problems, though, and the fact that Wilson keeps forgetting who she is and what she wants, Marylou's plans change.  This book gives a well-rounded view of a whole family's life and problems, and keeps the reader wondering how it will all end.  Each chapter of the book is written from a different perspective.  It is surprisingly serious, and faces several large issues, but the characters and their unique perspectives make the book worth reading.    

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