Return to Oz is a supposed sequel to Wizard of Oz, but Dorothy is much younger and the story follows more closely to the stories of L. Frank Baum. It’s full of creative characters and scenery, and weird enough for adults to still be captivated by it.  I am a fan of fantastical movies, and this is still one of my all-time favorites. I believe it deserves to be considered a classic and hope new generations find their way to this movie. 

Check it out:


I have never viewed the film, though now after reading your rake, my curiosity is high and I look forward to experiencing a sequel of one of my favorite fantastical films. Great review!

I agree, I think this is a "MUST" on the classic list! Takes pieces from the original and sends it to the next level! LOVE THIS! My sister and I used to rent this every chance we could! Nice review!

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