by Ann Granger

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I chose this e-book almost at random. It is the 14th entry in the Meredith and Markby series.  Despite being a longtime mystery buff, I have never read Ann Granger. I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-written, atmospheric novel that is nicely devoid of the extreme, relentless violence that characterizes so many modern mystery novels. Instead it focuses on human interaction, and the secrets that often lie beneath small town life. The isolated village of Lower Stovey was the site of a series of rapes 20 years ago. That crime was never solved, and when a hiker stumbles on human bones buried in the nearby woods, it reactivates old memories and hidden actions and leads to a murder in the present. There is a feeling of menace that pervades the village and the woods, and this uneasy feeling keeps the reader on edge and feeling compelled to keep reading. Highly recommended.

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