by Lucy Knisley

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Do you know what a cheesemonger is? What can you eat in Japan if you are allergic to soy? Is it truly impossible to make the perfect croissant? is fast food evil? The author shares her life experiences that led her to discover the answers to these questions, plus a whole lot more, in this funny autobiographical exploration of the power of food in our daily lives. Raised by self avowed “foodies”,  her mom is a chef and her dad a gourmet, this book is a tribute to the social aspects of food and its power to connect people and create “taste-memories”.  She shows the horror of moving  from Manhattan to upstate NY at age eight when her parents divorce, but that change put her smack in the middle of some pretty amazing from farm to table environments, which teach her a lot and help shape her life.  Some of my favorite vignettes? Her Dad’s horror at her eating McDonald’s french fries on a trip to Italy, lemonade chicken, her worst dinner ever, but still amazing because it was prepared by a friend, and calling her grandma a “pearl wearing pickle whisperer”.  For Knisley food is much more than just sustenance.  The book is also full of practical cooking tips like 4 things to know about meat and 6 amazing things she learned about cheese. Also showcasing her art skills, the story is told graphically with each chapter bookcased by yummy recipes. This book will make you hungry enough to try some of her recipes, or meet a friend for a scumptious meal.

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