by Lucy Knisley

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I love graphic memoirs. I love food memoirs. So it's no surprise that I really enjoyed this book! Knisley recounts her childhood & adolescence through the lens of food--from New York City, where her uncle owned a gourmet shop and her mother worked at a cheese shop & farmer's markets--and they dined out a lot--to upstate New York, where her mother catered and worked at markets, and Knisley served and picked produce, to travels to Mexico and Japan and on to Chicago for art school. Knisley LOVES food, but is not a food snob--she's willing to try anything, and acknowledges that sometimes "junk food" is just as satisfying as a gourmet meal. The recipes at the end of each chapter are illustrated as well, and I can't wait to try some of them! This book will leave you with all sorts of cravings!

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