by Phil Klay

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Redeployment is an intense collection of short war stories by Phil Klay, who served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq. It is well-written and humanizing, and gives multiple accounts of the Iraq war as told from the perspective of soldiers in a variety of roles and situations. There are soldiers dealing with PTSD or reintegrating into civilian life after their deployment, those dealing with having their first kill, those dealing with the futility or senselessness of their roles in the war and reconstruction, and of course dealing with the deaths of their fellow soldiers. The story Money as a Weapons System reminded me a bit of Catch-22 though most of the stories didn't follow the same exaggerated dark comic satire of Heller's book.

Some of the stories are rather upsetting and difficult to read due to some graphic nature, but its an important read for civilians to get a better sense of what our vets and current military have gone through or are going through. We get a glimpse into the reflections of a soldier. Ex-military or current military would probably also enjoy the book, as it provides realistic language and experiences of many different soldiers and psychologies. For the non-military reader, some of the acronyms and lingo could be unfamiliar, but they don't interfere with the story much if you don't want to look them up, though it could be useful to have your computer handy. Overall, an engaging read that provides valuable insight into the mind and soul of a soldier.

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