by R. L. Stine

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If you spent your childhood staying up nights reading the latest Goosebumps book and are feeling nostalgic for R.L. Stine’s brand of horror you may be excited to hear about Red Rain, his recently released horror novel for adults.  Back are his page-turning plot details, a bit more gruesome and r-rated.
When travel writer Lea Sutter is let go by Travel & Leisure due to budget cutbacks, she begins what she hopes will become the best adventure-travel blog ever.  To this end, she sets out for Cape Le Chat Noir, an island known for its frightening and mysterious past.  Most believe it to be cursed, and the only place on earth where the living share their space with the living dead.  Surely she will find great stories to write about. 
Soon after her arrival on the island a powerful hurricane brings near total destruction.  As she wanders through the aftermath, stunned by the devastation surrounding her, Lea comes across a pair of angelic-looking young boys on the beach.  When she learns they are orphans with no one to turn to for help the overwhelmed traveler makes one of those impulsive and hasty decisions, the kind that are destined to lead to disaster.  And it most assuredly does, in ways you may not guess at until the story’s end.
R.L. Stine’s desire to entertain is evident as he employs many of his trademark tactics - humor, rollercoaster plots, suspenseful chapter endings, gross outs, poor decisions, evil twins and characters that are not who (or what) they appear to be.  Go on a thrill ride with the master of fear, but consider yourself forewarned; this book may cause goose bumps.

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