by Kathleen Tierney


This sequel to Blood Oranges does not disappoint! Quinn (don't ever call her Siobhan) is still the same in-your-face cantankerous werewolf/vampire who can't seem to untangle herself from Mean Mr. B's dirty work. She is developing a persona not unlike Sam Spade and other hard boiled detectives: super cynical and an easy mark for a femme fatale. Quinn has also begun to advocate for her own interests and this is making her even more dangerous. Author Caitlin Kiernan (writing as Kathleen Tierney) successfully plays with mise en abyme​ (a literary device of inserting a short story within a story), adding a new level of complexity to the plot. The Maltese falcon has been replaced with something a little kinkier and powerful. My only complaint? Book 3 can't come fast enough!

Check it out:

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