by Amy Tintera

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17 year old Wren died five years ago, but came back to life after 178 minutes, because of a viral disease that only affects certain people for unknown reasons. Now, she is a imprisoned reboot, used by the government to capture criminals and do other nasty jobs. Reboots come back less human with each minute they were dead and Wren was dead longer than any of the existing reboots. Reboots are expendable and humans revile them.  Wren trains newly captured reboots including Callum, who was dead for only 22 minutes, and is still practically human. He won’t last long unless Wren can train him well. Callum makes Wren want and feel things she shouldn’t, reminding her what it means to be human.  Can the rumors of a safe haven for escaped reboots be true?  Should she risk it? A thrilling look at a dystopian world that is a refreshing stand alone story and not part of a trilogy.


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