by Neal Stephenson

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Relocating to a mountainous and isolated corner of British Columbia, Richard Forthrast managed to both dodge the Vietnam draft and amass a small fortune by smuggling high-grade grass into the middle-of-nowhere Idaho.  By using the proceeds to develop T’Rain, a wildly popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), the stage has been set for a fast paced and atmospheric trip around the world.  After a computer virus spreads throughout the T’Rain community, a colorful cast of characters (including Russian gangsters, fantasy novelists, British spies, on-line gamers, a Hungarian money launderer, Chinese hackers, American survivalist nut jobs and Islamic terrorists…) are all pitted against each other in a conflict that blurs the line between the virtual and the actual.  

Stephenson is one of those rare bestselling authors who continues to experiment with his writing and still believes in taking risks. With Reamde, he has once again delivered an incredibly entertaining read. Awesome, edgy, and thoughtfully ridiculous -  this techno-thriller will have you turning pages faster than the speed of television.


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