by Julie Anne Peters

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Johanna hasn't had the best life, but it's not all bad, either. Her parents have both recently died, she lives with her sister & brother-in-law, she's finishing her senior year of high school with a best friend, a job at the mall, and a volunteer position at the hospice. One thing would make her life complete--if Reeve Hartt fell in love with her. Johanna has been noticing Reeve and fantasizing about her for ages. When Reeve finally notices Johanna, there is nothing that will make Johanna believe this isn't the best thing that's ever happened to her. Not when she loses her job, her friends, her brother-in-law's trust. Not when she's asked not to come back to her beloved hospice. Not when Reeve hits her. This story of Johanna's isolation and abuse is hard to read, but it will make you understand why some people stay in relationships where they are constantly being physically and emotionally manipulated and hurt. Johanna thinks that she can save Reeve with her love. Will she be able to save herself? Includes resources for you to use if you our someone you know is experiencing dating violence.

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