by Charlotte Pomerantz

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Princess Mat Mat is the ruler of the Tiny Kingdom, a poor, self-sufficient country which is on the cusp of being able to celebrate 100 years of peace. As she starts planning the celebration, however, news comes in of an invading fleet of warships in the distance. Since she has no military defenses with which to fight them, Princess Mat Mat must use her wit and the strength of her people's devotion and work ethic to defend the Tiny Kingdom against the invaders.

Winner of the 1975 Jane Addams Children's Book Award, this charming fable is based on a historical incident from Kublai Khan's invasion of Vietnam in the thirteenth century. Each page is accompanied by Tony Chen's dynamic illustrations which pair so well with the simple elegance of Charlotte Pomerantz's prose that once I started reading I didn't care that the color was missing from them; the story was alive before my eyes.

The Princess and the Admiral is rather wordy for younger readers, so it is best for kids aged 8-12.

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