by Matt Doeden

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I fell in love with William and Kate when they announced their engagement.  That love continued to grow as I watched their wedding...yes, all of it...and now it's even stronger after the birth of their baby, George.  I have always viewed their relationship as something out of a fairy tale; so, naturally, I was curious to learn more about it, and I picked out this book.

Reading biographies written for children is a lot like reading a synopsis of a biography written for adults.  The basic plot points and dates are outlined, but there aren't many details presented.

I learned a lot about Kate and William's early lives that  I hadn't known before--I didn't know much about how Princess Diana's death had affected William, nor how much the paparazzi played into both Kate's and William's lives.  Also, I had always envisioned their relationship as one of flawless perfection, but according to this biography, they had their fair share of conflict and heartbreak.  I started to view the couple as two real people and instead of as imaginary fairy tale characters.

This book was very well-written--and I like William and Kate even more now than I did before I read it.  They're ordinary people in an extraordinary life, and I admire them for staying relatively down to Earth despite the fame and celebrity they have upon them.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone researching the royal couple or anyone who just happens to be interested in their lives.  It is good for upper elementary readers and up.

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