by Frank (Frank C.) Warren

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In November of 2004, Frank Warren printed 3,000 blank post cards with three words printed in bold on the back: “Share A Secret.” It was a simple idea for a group art project. To anomalously write down a secret you had never told anyone, decorate the card however you like and mail it to

Post Secret
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, Maryland 20874


Frank handed these cards out at subway stations. He left them in art galleries. He slipped them between the pages of library books.  Then Frank waited. And slowly, the cards started coming back to him. After a few weeks, he stopped passing out postcards.  But the secrets kept coming. From all over the world they came. Handmade post cards fabricated from cardboard, photographs, all manners of found objects—each one a work of art. Some were written in Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, even Braille. And on every single card was a secret.

Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are joyful. Some are disturbing. Some are endearing. And some will break your heart. Each secret is a glimpse into our shared humanity. And each one tells a story.

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