by Maria V Snyder

Reviewer Rating:


I downloaded Poison Study for two reasons: one, it was available on Overdrive when I was (gasp!) out of physical books to read, and two, I was working my way through the top 10 books on Goodread’s “Best "Strong Female" Fantasy Novels” list and this was #4. I was not disappointed, at least, not at first. Yelena really is a “strong female” who has been thrown some tough circumstances and still made the best of it. Slated for execution in a kingdom recently overthrown into a representative government, she is offered a reprieve by Valek, the Commander’s chief of security, but only if she agrees to be the Commander’s food taster and risk death by poison daily. She trains to taste for different kinds of poison and gets wrapped up in the political intrigue, while still dodging the shadows of her past. I loved that Yelena was capable and determined, and her eventual love interest was on equal footing with her.  As a word of warning, I found the sequel to be almost unreadable and didn’t even touch the third book. I would recommend this novel for anyone looking for a strong heroine in a book with equal measures political intrigue, romance, and action.


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