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I am one of those poetry lovers who tends to read the same poets over and over -- once someone's work grabs me, I devote myself to excavating all the things I missed during the first or second read.  I trust them to reward my devotion with new insights, which they invariably do.   I also love it when someone I admire, known or unknown, recommends a poet, and this is how I came to pick up Poems that Make Grown Men Cry.  Whose work moved Seamus Heaney? Hmm.  Daniel Radcliffe's a poetry reader? Interesting.  And that one that Jeremy Irons chose?  Unbelievable!  Here, you'll find poems that choke up famous men -- artists, actors, authors and others, from over 20 nationalities -- often with exposition detailing why they are so effective.  It's a provocative theme for a poetry anthology, and I certainly discovered several new-to-me poets whose work I'd like to read more of.  A word to the wise:  have tissues handy before you open one of Auden's collections.

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