by Meg Rosoff

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Londoner Mila is traveling to upstate NY with her translator father Gil to visit his old friend Matt. But two days before they arrive, Matt disappears. He leaves behind his unhappy wife, toddler son, and beloved dog. What happened to him? Mila soon finds out that Matt has a complicated life. He lost his older son in a car accident three years ago and he may have been drunk when it happened. It also seems his wife may be having an affair and hates his dog.  Mila and her dad set off on a snowy road trip to Matt’s cabin in the woods to try and find him. Once there, they discover even more of Matt’s secrets. Mila has astute powers of observations and notices things other people miss.  So she’s surprised by the secret her dad is keeping from her.  A National Book Award finalist, this coming of age story deftly captures Mila’s wise attempts to navigate a sometimes confusing adult world full of tricky adult issues.

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