by Meg Rosoff

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Mila admits that she's still technically a child, but her observational powers are strong and accompanying her father on a trip to locate Matthew, an old friend of his who has disappeared makes her aware that adult concerns impact her life.  Mila sees what many of the people around her are concealing. The only child of two very loving parents means her life may have been protected, but with her best friend’s family and as she observes Matthew’s connections, her astute assessment of events and emotions leads her to unravel many secrets.  Mila’s fresh London eyes see the scenery of upstate New York quite differently than the natives and her comments on snow and hunting often seem as mature as any adults. The syntax is straightforward, but the content is more mature than is in most books aimed at middle school kids. Tweens who have the maturity will appreciate the respect shown their sensibilities and the immature will be bored stiff.

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