by Lauren DeStefano

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Lauren DeStefano's world-building ability is extraordinary. Her latest trilogy, the Internment Chronicles, begins on a city in the clouds. I was literally fascinated on every page as I discovered more and more about this strange, creative concept. As young adult literature is increasingly saturated (if not completely saturated!) in dim, ravaged dystopian settings, I was thrilled and refreshed by this odd new world.

But getting too close to the edge of Internment can beget madness, as Morgan Stockhour knows all to well, since her brother was a Jumper. Morgan goes on about her life of quiet contentment--betrothed to her beloved, loyal to her best friend, uninterested in the world below the edge--until a girl from Morgan's school is found murdered. As Morgan begins to see excerpts from the dead girl's essay posted in unlikely places, she finds her mind opening to questions she had never before been willing to acknowledge.

Told in DeStefano's spare, mesmerizing style, I found Perfect Ruin an absorbing and riveting read.

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