by Howard Zinn

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A People's History of the United States Highlights From the Twentieth Century, an audiobook, is a good way to introduce yourself to the Howard Zinn book without having to contemplate reading the whole 700+ pages of the original book.  I'm always wary of anything that's been abridged.  However, the audiobook cover noted that Howard Zinn was one of the readers, so I assumed that he was comfortable with the way the audiobook was done.  The highlights included start in the immediate pre-WWII period and extend through the Bush presidency, hitting the topics that will speak most clearly to the baby boomers.  There was not much on each topic, but just enough to pique my interest.  A big plus is Matt Damon reading the first 2/3's of the audiobook.  Unfortunately, Howard Zinn does not have as pleasant a reading voice, which mades the last 1/3 of the audiobook less interesting.  Also, at least the highlights were completely liberally biased.  I hope that the paper version of the book includes a few more opposing viewpoints.  Still, when winter sets in, I'll settle down with the full, paper book version of A People's History of the United States.


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