by Stefan Bachmann

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Bartholomew Kettle is a changeling, or a peculiar, which means he is half fairy and half human Peculiars are not welcome in either world. He lives with his human mom and his more obvious fairy sister Hettie. She has a tree growing out of her head and is not allowed to go outside in fear someone will see her and give away their secrets. They live in a steam punk version of London in the late 1800's where people and machines are combined and someone is killing changelings. Nine have died so far. They wash up on shore completely hollowed out with strange red lines on them. Why? Barthy gets a mysterious note with the number ten on it, and he is getting lines on his body after an encounter with a fairy ring. Does this mean he's next? Arthur Jelliby is a member of government who suspects that a fairy member of the house privy council Mr. Lickerish might have something to do with the death of the changelings. When Hettie is kidnapped, can Barthy and Arthur team up to solve the mystery and save her? Clever and engrossing story that the author started writing when he was 16.

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