by Kiersten White

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Teenage Evie works for an agency that tracks down and tags paranormals, rendering their powers useless. Evie's special power is that she can see through glamors, so she can tell if that hot guy is really a decaying vampire. When a teenage shapeshifter like she has never seen before is captured, Evie is fascinated by him and also begins to question the motives of the agency. At the same time, a faery seems to have sinister designs on Evie and keeps trying to lure her to come away with him. Evie is constantly torn between his pull and the pull of her life. All of this drama is frequently interrupted by Evie kicking butt with her bright pink taser, watching teenage dramas on TV, and other good fun. I love Evie's character and the way White has broken up such serious paranormal fare with humor and girliness. This is not your average paranormal novel, and you will love it!

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