by Sarah Zettel

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Proper young ladies practicing espionage seems to be a bit of a trend in YA literature these days. This entry, set in London in 1716, places our heroine Peggy as lady-in-waiting/spy in the court of Princess Caroline, amidst the backdrop of intrigue during the reign of George I. Peggy, who takes the identity of Francesca Wallingham, is a quick study who manages to outwit her many foes and live to fight another day, with a little help from her friends, of course. The stultifying dull lives allowed most women of the time, even rich and titled ones, make Peggy's decision to continue on as a spy seem quite logical. There is quite a bit of interesting and accessible historical detail here for such a fast-paced novel, although I still do not understand why supporters of James Stuart are called Jacobites.

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