by Nicola Davies

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This beautifully written and illustrated collection of poems follows the changing seasons and introduces children to natural processes like bulbs sprouting in spring and dandelions turning to seed: “Dandelions bloom like little suns./but the flowers don’t last long-/they fold up like furled umbrellas pointing at the sky”swir.  Zoologist and author, Nicola Davies evokes the feel of each season with concise and observant free verse.
Mark Hearld illustrates each poem, capturing the textures, beauty, and whimsy found in nature. With collage, paint, woodcuts, and other mixed media these luscious works of art invite the viewer to return again and again. Both the illustrations and the poems will inspire children to spend time every season of the year playing and observing the outdoors. Davies also provides instructions for activities like seed saving, making a bird feeder, and baking berry crumble, “Eat. Yum”.

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A truly lovely book!

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