by Kathleen Kent


Acclaimed historical fiction author Kathleen Kent sets her newest novel, The Outcasts, in her native state of Texas.  This titillating tale of the west regales the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Kent draws from historical records in her deft portrayal of period characters.  In alternating chapters, we follow the lives of con woman Lucinda Carter and Texas lawman Nate Cannon until their paths converge for the denouement.
Kent takes us back to 1870s sleep-with-your-boots-on Texas, where the religion of Colt and Winchester reigns and comfort is found in whiskey, laudanum, and brothels.  This was a time when men honored a dying man’s request and women did what one must.  There is ruthless scheming and revenge and boondoggles; the stuff of legends.  The words of her character Dr. Tom ring true: “…Texas was the only place he had ever found that, when it killed you, it didn’t forget about you.”
From the cover art to the final page, this fresh and memorable adventure is sure to captivate and entertain.

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