by C. S. (Clive Staples) Lewis

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Most people know C.S. Lewis for his Chronicles of Narnia series or his writings about Christianity and the human condition.  Out of the Silent Planet is the first book of his Space Trilogy and one of his earliest published works.  It tells the story of Dr. Ransom, a language professor, who unwillingly gets caught up in an interplanetary expedition with questionable motives and associates.  Faced with limited information and options, Ransom is forced to explore their destination planet and in the process of surviving gets a better sense of his own planet's current condition.

Lewis creates a lush world full of unique landscapes, peoples, and language, but the real depth comes form his ability to weave in philosophical questions that will challenge any reader.  While it didn't leave me with an aggressive desire to immediately read the other two volumes in the trilogy, I will nevertheless get to them, probably when my appetite for some well-written, thought-provoking science fiction strikes again.


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