by Jordanna Fraiberg

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Our Song is part romance, part mystery and part psychological discovery. Olive Bell seemed to have a great life.  She lived in a perfect community, had a popular boyfriend and was doing well in school.  But life is not really good for Olive.  After a fight with her boyfriend, Olive is in a devastating car accident.  Her physical wounds slowly heal but everyone is afraid for her psychological well-being.

Olive starts attending a support group for survivors of near-death experiences.  There she meets Nick, who is the opposite of her former boyfriend.  Nick is wild and mysterious.  She falls in love with Nick even though she really doesn’t know much about who he really is.

Throughout the story Olive keeps hearing an unknown song in her mind.  What is the song and what does it mean?

If you’re looking for a teen romance with some interesting side themes, you’ll enjoy Our Song.

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