by Amy Timberlake

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When her sister disappeared, the sheriff came back with a body, but Georgie Burkhardt was not about to believe that the body could possibly be her sister. If no one else was going to set off to find the answers, she will  just have to take matters into her own hands. A reckless sharp shooter, thirteen year old Georgie is convinced she doesn’t need any help, certainly not from Billy McCabe, her sister’s suitor, but the two of them head off together to track down Georgie’s sister or at least find the truth of what happened.

In 1871 Wisconsin was still the frontier and unbelievably huge flocks of wild pigeons migrated across the country bringing with them traders and “pigeoners.” A unique look at a slice of American history with an unforgettable character and a well told mystery, this book has become my new favorite. 

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