by Carolyn MacCullough

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Being a teenager is pretty rough, but try to imagine how much worse it would be if you were born into a family of witches who each possess a particular talent and you have, well...absolutely nothing.  On the day of her birth, Tamsin Greene's grandmother prophesied that she would be a beacon, one of the most powerful witches in the family. But as extended family begins to arrive in preparation for her sister's wedding, Tamsin is reminded of what a failure she is as relatives share furtive glances and unspoken conversations.  She just wants to return to boarding school and forget about her background, leaving the magical community behind.  At least at school, she's considered normal and that's all that matters.  It's only after she meets Alistair, a good looking, young college professor, that we find out she might just wish she played a bigger role of her own family. 

Tamsin and Gabriel, her not so little anymore and quite possibly totally hot, childhood playmate, get wrapped up in adventure with magic, time travel, and danger as they begin to see each other very differently.  She learns more about her family and herself than she ever knew before.  And she'll find out it's not only the villains that are attracted to the darker side of magic.

This is an excellent young adult novel (and quite enjoyable for adults too)! The characters are well defined and intelligent.  I would often find myself smiling and sometimes snickering out loud as I enjoyed the banter between Gabriel and Tamsin. With great description, Carolyn MacCullough takes the reader into multiple realms on a ride through time and a maze of morally charged decisions. I listened to the audio version and the voice provided to Tamsin's story by Hannah Friedman is a perfect match.

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