by George O'Connor

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Even as I start to write this review, I'm not sure how I really feel about this book. I've always been intrigued by Greek mythology and the stories in this book seem to be mythologically accurate, which is a definite plus. I think that maybe I'm not used to seeing such adult situations portrayed in a graphic novel. By no means do I think this book is inappropriate for children, but the vocabulary and terminology is geared towards middle aged students and higher.

Since this graphic novel is centered around Aphrodite and her creation story and some of her famed exploits, a lot of Greek gods and goddesses get their names dragged through the mud. I found this fairly humorous, to view the gods as these bickering people. The illustrations are realistic, but with a very bright palette. The sea is a gorgeous blue, and the greens look lush and inviting. The tunics are floral colored for the females and beautiful to look at. 

This is part of the Olympians graphic novel series, and even though it is not the first, all books can be read individually. Whoever is featured on the cover is who the stories revolve around, so as long as you have a fairly good grasp of greek mythology, you should be able to follow any of the books in any order. The books also contain a family tree, so if you do come across any unknown figures, you can probably look them up. 

Overall my one hesitation with this book is that there are complicated moral dilemmas in this book that I doubt children under 10 know how to comprehend. I enjoy this book for it's accuracy and it's depiction of the Greek gods and goddesses, but I think some more simplifying must be done before this book becomes a true children's graphic novel. 

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