by Neil Gaiman

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Akin to the original Grimm fairytales, within this haunting and lyrical tale lurk terrifying monsters ripped from your worst nightmares. Sharp and quick, like a pin prick, I will likely spend an exponentially longer time thinking about the book than I spent reading it. I cried near the end of the first chapter and almost put the book down for fear what other pains awaited me further in, but I am glad I ventured forth and braved all that came next. Beware, passages are so beautifully written that you may wish to read them aloud to whomever might be within earshot. Not for the faint of heart, this is an absorbing novel with both mythic and ghastly elements with peril, heartbreak, and friendship written with memorable and poignant prose.

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My 10 year old son and I read this while on vacation this summer and we both loved it. It was fun to talk about it together and share our different perspectives. As an adult, I experienced the book via my own memories of childhood and my son experienced it very literally and in the present moment as only a child can do.

There's a fantastic review that his wife, Amanda Palmer wrote (A Book and Marriage Review). It's a cool peek at their relationship and her view of the book as he wrote it.

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